We support worldwide buyers and exporters of Italian capital goods.

How? Depending on your problem, we choose the most efficient tool applicable to your project and to your country’s rating.

Our evaluation is based on three pillars: the financial and legal knowledge of your country, the financial expertise, our experience in trading industrial goods. The ingredients we use in structuring a solution are banks, insurance companies, national and international support programs. With the proper mix we optimize the solution for you and your Italian suppliers.

What’s your situation? Do you purchase Italian goods or do you export from Italy?


Financing your CAPEX through your suppliers at fixed interest rate is possible.

Depending on your country and your company size, a bank guarantee may be required but sometimes your corporate guarantee is enough. The fixed interest rate allows for more efficient financial planning.

Our intervention aims to ensure optimized financial conditions.


If your company controls Italian exporters you may wish to have them work with expert professionals on specific export credit opportunities.

Financing the buyers may represent a commercial opportunity that shouldn’t be underestimated. We support you in exploiting all advantages offered by banks and Export Credit Agencies for products made in Italy.

This is what makes us export credit professionals.

Being a trading company doesn’t mean that we need to always intermediate a sale, sometimes it’s even better to act as a consultant of both the buyer and the supplier. We appreciate your opinion in this matter as we want to add value simplifying procedures.

We prefer the role of consultant whenever commercial or financial reasons indicate that buyer and supplier should face each other directly. For example in big projects, or if buyer or supplier are stiff multinationals that prefer to leave contracts unaltered.

We act as a trader whenever the parties prefer to focus on their core business and assign to us all export credit activities. Typically, this happens in case of supplier’s credit with insurance coverage or when multiple suppliers are involved.

Trader or consultants? It doesn’t matter. With us you’ll always have a team of professionals working with you from the initial negotiation through all proceeds.