Who we are

Our roots are in the industry and the trading of machinery and equipment.

We help worldwide importers of Italian capital goods in structuring financial solutions that allow deferred payment terms. But why are we different from many other consultants overcrowding the markets?

Our roots in the world of trading with financial background give us the feeling of those who have, for many years, negotiated financial conditions on their own matter, balancing the needs of the buyers with those of the suppliers. Trading sharpens the senses, because margins are always tight and the amounts involved very high, usually several million Euro.

Feeling means recognizing weak points and know how to reinforce them, in order to perform transactions at their best. These skills allow us to be an experienced partner for importers, exporters and banks as well.

This is why we are export credit professionals and not only consultants!

Take a look at our personal background; there’s much more to discover. We know industry and trading world and we can count on a highly respected Italian and international network.